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Lack of Energy

Poor Sleep

Weight Gain

Depression & Anxiety

Low Sex Drive

Brain Fog

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Hormone Replacement

Sometimes you just don’t have it in you to perform in the bedroom. The tank is empty. The team at Peak Health can help.

Sexual Performance

1 out of 2 males has Erectile Dysfunction. If you’re not performing at your peak, we can help.

Patient Testimonials

I visited Peak Health and consulted with Dr Aister, considering male testosterone therapy (70 years old). After a thorough consultation, I chose to go forward with Dr Aister’s advice and have the pellets inserted, going on four months. What a difference I feel! Im sleeping better, less anxious, able to build and retain muscle mass, not to mention the libido of my 30 something self. You’ll not find a Doctor more caring, studied and bedside manner second to none. Highly recommended.

Mike B.2/20/23

After starting my treatments, I noticed a dramatic improvement and sensations after the first one. Once I was done with my treatments, my performance was what I was hoping for and more.

Chad H.

Although the cost of the Acoustic Wave Treatments at Peak Health seemed high ... I decided to proceed with the treatments immediately. And, to my surprise, after only a few treatments I started to notice a marked improvement in my ability to achieve and maintain an erection.

Rick D.

I have completed the 24 treatments and it was well worth the time and money invested.
I have coronary artery disease and am now age 64 with a new outlook and ability to preform without fear of failure.

Dan L.

After having completed the program, things are looking "up" and with much more girth! My girlfriend couldn't be more satisfied! Plan on continuing with occasional treatments which is a big plus! Trust me, it works.

Bob F.